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The Mentorship program is a community-based program where we coach and mentor you in your preferred area of stewardship. Attendees will receive monthly group training and weekly one-on-one training. We offer 3 different times throughout the year: January, May, and September. Attendees can register based on their availability.

The Mentorship Program is an online, virtual community where members learn how to set goals and steward their lives based on God's Word and vision for their lives. You'll learn key steps on how to hear God's voice, set effective goals, create a plan to successfully achieve your goals, and strategize how to combat weakness triggers that keep us from fulfilling these areas of stewardship.

Key Take-aways:

Partner with God in all areas of your life

Hear God's voice and His confirmation patterns

Strategize a plan and how to combat your weaknesses

Apply effective motivation and the power of influence

Pursue excellence with grace and faith

Figure out your weakness triggers that hinder you

Create an impactful prayer and vision board

Discover resources that help you achieve your goals

Attendees who have already purchased resources, like Leaning In 2024, etc. receive 105 off-registration costs.

Please email me ( to receive your discount code.

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Leaning In 2024

Leaning In 2024 is a yearly planner and devotional-in-one that helps you grow closer to God, pursue prophecy, and declare His promises over your life. You'll learn how to hear God's voice; overcome sin, struggles, and attacks from the enemy; effectively fast, pray, and worship; live a consecrated (holy) lifestyle; and endure the battles of life. Each month includes devotionals, goal trackers, Sunday sermon notes, journal space, and weekly and monthly calendars. Also included in the back are scripture declarations to help you pray and declare God's Word over your deepest struggles.

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