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Farm Road 5K Challenge

2nd Annual

Raising money for the Overcoming Adversity Scholarship

Overcoming Adversity Scholarship

Supporting SAU Student-Athletes with Disabilities

The Farm Road 5K Challenge is an annual race that raises money for The Overcoming Adversity Scholarship. The scholarship supports SAU student-athletes with disabilities.


Founders, Briston and Carley Rains both ran cross country and track and field at SAU (Briston 2020-2023, Carley 2017-2021). They started this scholarship in 2022 based on Carley's true testimony of being a student-athlete with a disability (Narcolepsy with Cataplexy).

Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy is a neurological disorder that prevents the brain from regulating sleep-wake cycles properly. This causes much difficulty in staying awake during the day and falling asleep at night.


Carley was diagnosed with the condition during her senior year of high school, and experienced much adversity adjusting to medications, a strict eating and sleeping schedule, and then college six months later.

But college athletics provided the consistency she needed and was the perfect outlet for her to manage the condition while in school.

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"When I first was diagnosed, my doctor expressed the importance of exercising daily. I never would have thought athletics would have been the solution."


Practices ran two times a day (morning and evening) and six days a week. On average she ran 30-40 miles per week. Athletics provided the exercise she needed, but it also gave her a support group to lean on when times were difficult.

"I couldn't have done it without my close friends. They are the back bone to all of my successes. They helped me stay awake to study, woke me up when I needed to warm up, and so much more."

Despite battling with the neurological condition, Carley won many accolades during her time at SAU, which inspired her and Briston to name the scholarship Overcoming Adversity.

"Everyone experiences adversity. We wanted to give the scholarship a title that didn't limit these athletes based on their condition but prophesied over them the potential they have to succeed and overcome their present circumstances."
- Briston and Carley Rains

Saturday March 9, 2024
SAU Alumni Center


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"Our aim is to bring awareness to the obstacles that athletes can face behind closed doors. This scholarship is designed to reach individuals that sometimes do not feel seen or heard. Through my own experience we understand the struggles of disabilities impacting our experiences as student- athletes and want to use this to give back to generations that follow us."

 -Carley Rains, Founder of the Overcoming Adversity Scholarship

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